Newsday: ‘Mediums are getting the message’

This June 6, 2006 Newsday story, “Mediums are getting the message,” mentioned Mary as a “rising star.”

More celebrity psychics-mediums are on the way. Mary Rose Occhino, a rising star from Long Island, has already written two books: “Beyond These Four Walls” (Berkley Books, 2004) and “Signs of the Dove” (Berkley Books, January), which chronicle her life as a psychic-medium and her battle with multiple sclerosis.

Despite her disability, Occhino, 53, of Mastic, works long days, which include doing quick readings on her two-hour Sirius satellite radio show called “Intuitive Intervention” and overseeing her Web site,

“Psychics-mediums help people connect with their loved ones,” Occhino said. “They are grief counselors and help people reach some kind of closure where there previously was none.”

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