Press from The Press

Me and my little shop were featured in our local weekly paper, The Press of Manorville and the Moriches.

Here’s a little snippet:

For eight years, MaryRose Occhino remained trapped in her home and her body. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 40, the Mastic mother of three found herself bedridden by her debilitating disease, which made it nearly impossible to stand, walk or even eat.

While confined mostly to her bedroom, Ms. Occhino, who considers herself a psychic, said she spent much of her time writing and exploring an intuitiveness that she believes she was born with and inherited from her mother, Anna, and grandmother, Rosie.

β€œI can see and feel the presence and receive information from those who have crossed over,” the 57-year-old said. β€œTo put it bluntly, I can talk to the dead.” Read the full story.


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