Janice from Boston: Calmed, then Cured

Mary, in the summer I found out that I had an enlarged thyroid. My doctor sheduled an MRI for me. Before I went, I called you on the radio and you told me that I did indeed have a large mass that needed to be removed. You said that I would need my thyroid removed as well, but not to worry because I’d be fine.
I had the MRI, went back to the doctor to have her read it and she told me that it was a large mass inside my thyroid and I’d need an operation to have it all removed. She told me to go to Mass General (we live close to Boston) so I found a great endocrinologist and made an appointment for a biopsy.
I called you again to tell you…and you again reassured me that I’d be fine. You said the mass was on my left side (it was) and that it was very necessary to have it removed. I told you that I felt a very strange sense of calm…that I did indeed believe I’d be fine. You made me feel such peace inside. I continued to pray and I continued to feel calm.
I had my operation 2 weeks ago. The tumor the doctor removed was the size of a tennis ball….and it was benign. There was no cancer….I will be fine. I knew all along it would be benign. I had such faith and felt so good about having it taken out….and I knew in my heart that it would be OK.
Thank you for your assurance. Thank you for teaching me to have faith, and believe in my angels. Thank you for explaining to me that I had been given a gift by the Blessed Mother to feel relaxed and at ease because I truly believed. You have made a very scary situation a lot more manageable due to your gift. Thank you very, very much! I hope to call you this week, if my voice is strong enough, to thank you personally.

Janice Simoes


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