Thankful for More Memories

Question from my sister-does my mom have dimentia?

 Answer was Yes

Mary went on to say that they had her on IV for dehydration and she was confused (without my sister telling her)
Sister mentioned she was just put on antipsychotic meds and we didn’t understand once the infection was gone, why she wasn’t coming back. Mary asked what meds…she said Haldol and Mary said NO HALDOL several times and explained her mom went through the same thing with Haldol and she’s talked to doctors about it. Have them try something else and your mom will be ok.

We took her off Haldol and arranged for hospice in the home, because we didn’t want to see her in a psych ward which the doctors recommended. This would have only given her more anxiety. My mom was in very tough shape two days ago. Halucinations, delusional, we didn’t think she would come back with what the doctors said and this had gone on for two weeks. (Haldol was given one night) She woke yesterday with her mind back and happy to come home. She will be starting physical therapy and she and her family are thankful for more memories in her 87th year.
 The hospice nurse and my family believe that she was dehydrated which caused her kidneys to partially shut down and caused the problems, the haldol tipped her over that baseline edge and once they changed that and she rehydrated she got her functionality back she returned. The family does not discount the many prayers from many places.
Thanks, Mary for the advice and thank you God for the miracle our family has experienced
Jen B


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