Special packages to celebrate ‘Mary Knows Best’ premiere

3 Responses to “Special packages to celebrate ‘Mary Knows Best’ premiere”

  1. Denise July 16, 2010 9:17 am

    I have been listening to Mary O. on Sirius XM for about 2 years now and love her! She is on point and considerate. Sometimes I will get through and give up my spot based on the tone or topic at the time and I don’t mind at all, because I feel someone else may need to talk to her more than I do. I am so glad that she does this show and the new Syfy show is great!! Congratulations Mary! You deserve the best! Love you more!

  2. Christine Walls July 16, 2010 8:16 pm

    Mary I have been listening since LIME, and truly love you more. My Dad will never forget meeting you in San Diego, and of course I will remember your kindness to him always. I am OTR driver and my friends have copied your new show for me, BUT listening to Angels on call today, I felt like I saw it. You and your family are very special and you all have enriched my life. I am 57 as well and feel youger in heart and spirit. I am TRULEY BLESSED. I love my job and look forward to listening to your show daily, and looking forward to “Mary Knows Best” God Bless you and your family, Love always Christine
    PS: Both the specials look GREAT!!, I am ordering one.

  3. Minnie July 19, 2010 12:33 pm

    Mary I saw your program Mary Knows best. I was always told to stay away from this kind of things, but I was amazed at how you just told people what you felt Or what “the soft voices” were telling you. I have had many things in my life happen to me and so I googled you so I could get a reading from you, but I will have to pass since I can not afford the price, but I understand why. I love your show and love the love you have for the people around you. You have a God given talent… it has to come from him.