A 9/11 Tribute – in Verse by Rochelle Moore

This is the poem Mary read on “Angels on Call” this morning in honor of our 9/11 heroes

By Rochelle Moore

Many hearts are left to break,
here, at home, in USA.
Many souls will not return,
a great loss of life to pay.
Parents, sons and daughters,
fighting for that day.
That freedom comes to everyone

and terrorism, held at bay.

We looked at 9/11
with minds completely numb.
How could this ever happen?
How low our world has come.
It took the planet by surprise
and shook us to our core.
Mindless, violent tragedy, cry

In every heart and every soul
across the USA.
An evil darkness descended,
stays with us till this day.
T’was only sixty years or so
that Hitler’s crimes abhorred.
We promised then, “NO NOT AGAIN,

We lost so many things that day,
it’s one we’ll not forget.
Heroes came from all around
with all they have, abet.
People from around the world
stood by us at this time.
No human soul with conscience
could understand this crime.

Lamenting all those heroes
who’s hearts are heavy still.
Their valor and their bravery
not let their spirit kill.
To each and all who helped that day,
Ground Zero, nations all.
We thank you for your help and pray
for those who heard our call.

Like tradegies of all terror
from past, to evermore.
It’s time we say out loud and clear,
For every man and woman,
child and family.
This dark part within our hearts
pray for their gallantry.

We all of us are heroes,
we all must strive for peace.
Tattoo this saying on your soul,
at your peril if ignored;
Dear God, not anymore.

by Rochelle Moore

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6 Responses to “A 9/11 Tribute – in Verse by Rochelle Moore”

  1. Amanda September 10, 2010 11:38 am #

    I just want to say that this poem is so true!I believe that our nation has lost our true colors and we need to go back to our beliefs and values!I remember when 9/11 happened it truely shook our foundation and it changed my very belief and pride for this country.It made my politcal beliefs strong and pride for my country strong.Amazing poem we need more poems like this.We should all stand strong for our soldiers and supprt them, I pray the president will do the same.

  2. J SARCASE September 29, 2010 10:08 am #

    rochelle has truly captured the soul of the nation on this horrendous day
    thank you and i pray that we will all come to terms with it someday or at least try to understand why

  3. rochelle moore fan September 29, 2010 10:09 am #

    Once again rochelle captures the true spirit of the nation and our great loss. I have typed this out and it now is in a pic frame on our family wall

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