New Ways to Experience Mary in 2011


Can’t travel to see Mary? You can see her while getting your reading by using SKYPE video chat. You’ll get to speak to Mary for 45 minutes. Appointments will be Sundays at 1pm EST to start. Visit for more information and to request a reading. 


Dates to be scheduled – All salons are first come first serve, so get on the waiting list now! Go to, select the subject SEMINARS/SALONS and let us know which salon you’d like to attend. We’ll let you know as soon as they are scheduled! Seats are limited to 35 people per salon.

Awakening Your Instincts – Straight from Mary’s book, she’ll teach you how to be aware of your inner self.

Medical Intuitions – Learn how to listen to your body. Get help with questions like What’s going on with me and how do I fix it? Will my current treatment work?***

Life Directions – Learn how to trust your intuition and get answers  to questions like “What will my future bring?” “Should I change jobs?”

Past Life Experiences – Get answers on questions like Who was I? Are my fears in this life from a past one? How many lives have I had?

***Mary is NOT a DOCTOR and cannot diagnose you. She will offer suggestions on what is going on, but you MUST see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

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