Mary at the State Theatre

Hundreds came to see Mary and her daughter Jackie at the historic State Theatre in Easton, Pa. on Jan. 14, 2011 Were you there? We’d like to share your photos.

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5 Responses to “Mary at the State Theatre”

  1. Jenn January 30, 2011 9:15 pm

    I went to the state theater to see Mary on January 14th. My husband passed away suddenly this summer at the age of 28. We had been dating since we were 16 and I moved in with his family at 18 because of my home life. My life was hell until I met him and being with him made me want to live. Over the past couple of years our life was headed in a great direction:we finished college, started our careers,we got married, bought our first home and we were thinking about a child. But now he’s gone and I have been completely lost in this world, just trying to make some kind of meaning of all this. I didnt really have any hope or belief that there was an after-life or that I would see him again. My sister-in law called Mary’s xm show and she was told really accurate information, so she bought tickets to the show in PA.
    That night of the show eased my pain in a way that cant be described and for the first time since his death I felt connected with him. All I said was”My husband passed away and I want to know if he is ok?” Mary not only provided me with the comfort that he was, but gave solid proof he was there. Everything she said had meaning ,but the most signifigant information she gave was the tattoo he got the night he passed and then she said his name “Ryan” Mary; I wanted to end my time on earth beacause the gut wrenching pain of being wiuthout him but this was the little bit of hope I needed to push forward.

  2. Valerie Semola February 8, 2011 6:33 pm

    In response to Jenn…I was at the State Theater Jan. 14th & heard what Mary had to say to you. I honestly had goosebumps & started crying for you especially when she mentioned the tattoo. She seemed so right on with you by your reactions to her remarks. I got to ask her about my Dad who passed away on May 27th last year. She asked me what was metal in my pocket. It was a little metal case that held my Dad’s ashes. I had just taken it out & was holding it my hand when she asked me. She told me I would find an old lottery ticket in my Moms night stand. It wasn’t worth any money but it was his way of saying he was with us. Well I found an old Keno ticket from Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The 1st & last numbers on it were the date he died. The 2nd, 3rd & 4th #’s = the year he was born. The keno ticket was in a bag that had ONLY prayer cards from when people die. It shouldn’t have been in there but it was. I guess that was his way of saying he was with all of our family & friends who have passed. Mary is the best & I really miss her. I look forward to hearing that she has found another venue to connect with all her listeners on a daily basis again. I so glad she was able to help you.

  3. Rochelle Rubno February 11, 2011 12:43 pm

    Hi Mary,
    You were awesome at the State Theatre and yes, I miss you terribly. I did hear your words to Jenn and we gasped when you told her all about her husband. I also remember you telling Vallerie about the lotto card in the draw and I am so glad to hear that she did find it. It’s amazing that the date of his death were on it. I think of your every day Mary and miss you terribly on the radio and hearing your voice. I have all of your books and one is sitting on my night table now. I am re-reading all of them again! Jackie was great she is a beautiful woman and a fabulous daughter too. God bless Mary and I can’t wait to see you again!

  4. Carolyn from Texas February 15, 2011 9:02 am

    Mary: You look great! I can’t wait for an opportunity to see you. Love you more!

  5. Eileen Raucci May 5, 2012 8:13 pm

    Mary you are wonderful and have been so helpful to me. My brother passed in February 2012 and in speaking to you I have found comfort in knowing he is surrounded by people he loves. I am also thrilled to know my angel’s names and pray to them when I can. We spoke via phone and all you said was true.