Mary lives up to the challenge

Here’s a great validation from a descendant of Harry Houdini. Yes, THAT Houdini.

In June of 2012 I posted a challenge to all psychics at Through The Veil conference in Atlanta.

The challenge was “that At ANYTIME I could come forth and challenge the psychics claims AND, for that person to “read” me & tell me something about myself that I knew had never been published or was not family or public knowledge.

On Saturday afternoon during a reading/lecture I walked into psychic ……Mary Occhino’s room and challenged her in front of her live audience! I challenged Mary Occhino to prove her claims as a psychic!!! Without pause I took a chair and sat on stage making Mary acknowledge my presence.

And without pause Mary Occhino accepted. Immediately Mary told me “she saw Steven Tyler of Aerosmith & she saw the date March 26th.” I told Mary that a few years prior I had performed a show for Steven Tyler’s birthday & I believed his birthday was March 26th. However this was all public knowledge! Mary Occhino insisted that her vision of me and Steven Tyler was something to do with the date of March 26th. I remember looking into Mary’s eyes, I remember seeing that she really believed what she was telling me. No matter what I said or wanted to talk about Mary Occhino wanted to talk about March 26th. The session was over and I walked away more confused than anything. I remember walking away and Mary Occhino saying “remember Aron March 26th, it has or will change your life forever.” (Over one hundred people witnessed this)

One year later Amadeus Emmanuel Houdini was born on March 26th!

I will continue my fight against fraud, & I continue to fight FOR the Mary Occhino’s of the world.

— Aron Houdini


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  1. Laura June 24, 2013 8:12 pm #

    Yes, it is those gifts that Mary gives as we walk away that that can be opened later. That ‘ah ha’ moment descends upon us and we remember Mary saying, ” write that down,”

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