Happy New Year 2014! Become the Carpenter of Your Life!

Happy New Year once again, 2014

Like most human beings both young and those  not-so-young, I too use to make a list of  New Year’s Resolutions. Or, at least I did before I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in August, 1992.

Then like most people who come face-to-face with their own mortality, that upcoming New Year’s Eve I forgot all about my New Year’s Resolutions when 1993 came floating on in. That New Year’s Eve as the clock ticked down to the stroke of midnight  I hadn’t come up with any new resolutions but what had come to mind and what I had written something like a “Spiritual Manifesto,” or my “Wish List.” But, a list not just for the upcoming year ahead, but for the rest of my life. My resolutions had become more of a “Manifestation Plea,” to God and to the Universe.

I still have my  “Manifestation Plea-List”  from 1993 that reads more like degrees of spirituality I was working toward as well as help I was asking for and from, all the “IS” holy –  as well as from myself.  And, as many of you may be aware I was blessed that nearly every plea and dream I dared to dream came true, although some of those dreams and manifestations took almost 8 long years to come to be, but, they came never-the-less!  The list I had created was one pertaining to the growth of the spiritual wisdom,  virtues and actions I needed and wanted for my life in order for my life’s path and journey to change its course. Degrees I prayed for, meditated on, visualized and Surrendered to!

But, in all honesty it wasn’t and isn’t easy to always maintain your goals as well as your footing.  It’s not easy to stay balanced and unwavering of your desires and that of course  includes desires of of my own. In the past few years I have sometimes found myself forgetting just what kind of “Pure Blind-Faith” it took  me back then and would take for me presently to get back on the, “Ladder of Life.”  Heck, not just to climb back on my ladder, but for me to be able to build a ‘new and improved,’ ladder from scratch, which sometimes is very necessary. Then, once virtually built, the ability to find the strength and courage to put my feet on the each step without fear that my ladder would be too weak to hold me.

This New Year’s Eve, 2014 – with the spiritual aide and the energy from my two young granddaughter’s and the thoughts of my two grandson’s in Florida, I began once again to not only become the architect of my life…but the “Carpenter” of my soul! And suddenly, in fact almost miraculously I found the passion, wisdom and the spiritual energy to one again begin to visualize the spiritual-wood that was necessary for me to begin to build my ladder again!. And did so while in a meditative state; I visualized myself picking up a celestial hammer and nails and with the help of my angels and all that is holy, I began to create from scratch,  a six tier ladder to my life’s journey and future.

And this morning, New Year’s Day – 2014, at 11:11 A.M., EST I knew from every sense of my being that my ladder was indeed ready and sturdy enough to not only to hold my spiritual and emotional weight but the weight of any and all obstacles that may come my way.

My “Ladder of Life,” I believe with absolute blind-faith, is strong enough to hold all the weight of any additional journeys I will be enjoying as well as conquering throughout not only this year, but for the rest of my physical life. That is of course as long as I stay sure-footed and balanced within myself and the universe.

And so, my dear friends and family, allow me to wish you all and very happy and healthy New Year, 2014 from inside out.  And if I may, I’d like to give you a few key words and visionary thoughts that may help you as they have help me build my new and improved, “Ladder or Life.”

  1. Realization – Realize that you may have not only fallen off your ladder but you may have completely thrown away the invisible crumbled pieces of wood that was holding it up. A ladder that you created in the first place.
  2. Rebuild – You can always rebuild your life and your ladder!  And, never forget that you can request and should expect second, third and fourth chances in life.
  3. Refocus – Adjust the lenses of the eyes you’re looking through. See yourself through your own eyes not through the vision of someone else’s.
  4. Regenerate– like the multiple layers of  skin on our body – layers of skin that regenerate when we do something as simple as showering…see your life journey’s – mistakes,  mountains and joys – as something that can be fixed and can be enjoyed once more. 
  5. Resurface – Come up for air and don’t stay hidden under the covers of your life. Breath in serenely with the knowledge that the positive airy you intake will be NOT toxic to your well-being and spirit!  And last but not least.
  6. Re-evaluate – Think about it your dreams and desires?  And ask yourself if you’re working toward manifesting your dreams or the dreams of others? If they are yours –  then continue to build your ladder and  truly become the carpenter of your life! But, if you’ve finally realized that they dreams you were working on manifesting in the past weren’t true those of your own –  then just go back to your spiritual builder (the soul within your soul),  and acquire new celestial wood. Do so as though you were literally shopping for building supplies in order for you to actually build a real ladder! But this time remember the wood you virtually purchase has been created just for you! Then get to work – become the carpenter, you have all the tools needed to create YOURLadder of Life“,…a ladder that will sustain YOUR wants and needs, hopes and dreams! 

Peace be with you and Happy New Year, 2014!

#loveumore, Mary Occhino



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