2015 predictions by psychic Mary Occhino

Celebrity and global predictions

Believe it or not, there will be not one but two more celebrity reality TV shows coming into our lives! These shows should get a “green light” by the end of 2015.

Now, don’t blame me or shrug your shoulders when you read this. I don’t edit what I hear or see, I just report the psychic news!  Looks like one of those celebrity shows may be starring … Lindsay Lohan.

The Kardashians’ fame and fortune will still reign over their family empire in 2015.  The universe is telling all of you who are“celebrity watchers” to ignore all the baloney you may read about Kim and Kanye breaking up. The information I am receiving is that a breakup is not in their future.  As of yet,  Mr.  & Mrs. K.K. will do just fine, as long as they find a happy medium between family and business.

Kris Jenner, the momanger of the Kardashian Empire, looks as though she quickly becomes serious about a new love in her life and may become engaged by her next birthday in the fall. But, when it comes to marriage – well, that may never come.  But who cares if they’re happy with each other!

Who is he? Well, it’s not the man she’s allegedly dating presently. The man Kris J. falls for — and hard — is someone who works in media behind the scenes, either a producer or director.

As for Khloe Kardashian, true love finds her once again!  No, her new man is not an athlete, musician, or a rapper. I see the new person in Khloe’s life as someone in marketing or public relations. He feels to me as though he comes from the East Coast and seems to be very chummy with P. Diddy. These two seem to be a great match, and baby news comes in twos for Khloe by early 2016.

Bruce Jenner, on the other hand, will also begin living with his new love by October 2015.  And, no for all those who believe the foolish headlines. Bruce is not becoming a woman! Bruce’s new love is all ‘WOMAN!’

More celebrity news…

Energy coming from Angelina Jolie feels as though she may be talking her new husband and longtime companion, Brad Pitt into a running for office in some capacity for the state of Louisiana. My advice to gorgeous Brad listen to your wife!

George Clooney seems also have his eyes on politics, as well.  Looks like the only thing that may be holding him back now from running for any office is to beginning a family first.  Gorgeous George and his new lovely wife should announce that they are pregnant by late summer or early fall 2015!

Brittany Spears to be following the footsteps of her former ‘mouse mate’ Christina Aguilera.  Looks as though Brittany looking for little pink booties sometime this year. The baby’s daddy is the new man in her life and it seems as though Brittany may finally find a happy ending of the way all Disney movie ends.

While we’re talking about Christina Aguilera – 2015 seems to be a storybook year for her.  Many of the blessings she has already received in 2014 with a healthy new baby, and new wonderful and loving relationship and to add to what wondrous year – looks like she may be the recipient of two maybe even three new Grammy awards to her collection.  But, was still not done with Christina…  Adding to her outrageous year ahead may also be in a movie in which she stars in and one that she also has a hand in writing.  You go girl!

Blake Shelton, a four time winner as a coach on “The Voice” looks as though he and his country superstar wife Miranda Lambert will announce that they’re ready to add a baby Shelton to their family this year!

Oscar predictions – just two names come to mind when I meditate on the Oscar’s: Jennifer Aniston and Eddie Redmayne.

Global predictions

  • Real estate will continue to flourish for what looks like at least the next five years. The best months for home buyers seems to be, March, April and May of 2015. The best months for Sellers seems to be June through December, 2015.  It looks like a good time in the universe to be a real estate agent – a win-win situation for them all the way around!
  • Stock market prices seem to take a slight nosedive in early February.  But I don’t see any need for anyone to run to the emergency room to have their possible nosebleed cauterized.
  • The big winner in the stock market in the first half of 2015 seems to be biotech companies and toy companies!  You heard me correctly. I said toys!  Toys and all things related to children and children’s wear looks like a winner!
  • They looks like they’ll be many more American companies manufacturing their products in the good old USA this year!
  • 2015 may be a record-breaking year for automobile recalls.  The major recalls seem to be coming from hybrid cars with regard to their starters.
  • With regard to commodities – coffee, gold, silver and cotton prices should rise in May and June by 7 to 10%.  This blooming peak should last at least six weeks.
  • The U.S. dollar increases with the price of gold rising in late March.
  • Although were already done with celebrity news – that there seems to be a celestial whisper that there may be for a new major banks opening in mid to late 2015.  One of those banks may be owned primarily by Donald Trump!


Thank goodness we shouldn’t see anything as outrageous as the weather we had to deal with in 2013 in this coming year. But, and this is a big but, there should be an extraordinary amount of rainfall throughout 2015 throughout the globe.  Within the United States, major flooding may occur in the Carolina’s in September and October.

Atlanta, Georgia, looks as though they should have their homes doubly protected against thunder and lightning storms that may occur in the spring and summer.

The West Coast will continue to be warmer in the summer in colder in winter as it was in 2014.  But, the change of climate does this seem to stop the mass amount of newcomers to Southern California from the East Coast.

Health care

Looking forward into 2015, it looks as though more and more Americans may be buying their medication and prescriptions from the Internet.  Your reason being that healthcare insurance is just not cutting it for the middle income bracket families.

In 2015, the USA may also see that many medical boxes may be giving up their medical practices because of lack of income from insurance and many of these doctors will decide to go into research instead.

New cancer research will be number one on the list of research possible cures this year again. The good news is that some researchers may have a wonderful breakthrough for certain cancers … cancers that in the past may have been thought to have been untreatable.

Other medical breakthroughs and new medications will be announced for Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes as well as ALS!

New medications for Alzheimer’s will also be announced by the end of 2015 will not be available to the public for another 18 months after the announcement.


Will Hillary run?  My angels say yes!  But, in looks as though she may drop out after announcing she’s in- play for personal reasons!

Jeb Bush – although his name may sound as though he should be a co-star on ‘Duck Dynasty’ – in my intuitive opinion he should not one for this and should listen to the little voice inside his head that may say, “No, I won’t run for office – my brother has done enough for our family legacy!”

Rosie O’Donnell may present a new bill to Congress with regard to gun control. Looks like Rosie may have a better view lobbying than she does on ABC!

Whoopi doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – thank God for small favors.

These predictions came to you from me, psychic intuitive – Mary Rose Occhino on December 31, 2014.

P.S.  I predict that you will may be seeing a lot more of me on TV and other media venues in 2015!  (This is not inside info – this is a prediction!) #loveumore, Mary O!

God bless you all and your families.  Good health, large bank accounts, love one another and see you soon.


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