Introducing Angels By the Hand wrist-worn crochet dolls

The idea for this new product came to me as a manifestation while trying to come up with a product request I received from a client with regard to making them something that would remind them that their angels were always on call.

I meditated and surrendered my inspiration to the Higher Power for a loving angelic symbol of love and compassion that would resonate to people of all ages. When I was just about to begin, I looked around my surroundings and the supplies and inventory I had on hand. I needed to start my intuitive creative juices flowing. I reached out for a crochet needle and some bright, colorful yarn.

And so I began.

The first thing I crocheted was an angel doll with wings. My initial plan was to make a cuddly stuffed angel — a handmade creation that people of all ages could always keep by their side.

After completing my first angel polyester fiber-filled doll, I heard a whisper in my head and followed more intuitive directions on what I should create other than just another stuffed doll.

I looked at the Angel I have created one more time and thought, “How could an infant hold on to this angel without dropping it?” And how could my new creation be useful to a parent or caregiver especially when they don’t have a free hand and need to entertain a fussy child while their being fed, or just to help distract, play, and bring joy to a child or anyone in a grumpy mood? And then it came to me in a flash! I saw just what I had to do…my angels were working overtime and helping guide me.

So, I designed an angel that could be held on the wrist of anyone from the ages of 3 to 103!

My new inspiration is a helpful, cuddly friend – design ed by my angels for the angels in your life.

Hence the birth of ANGELS BY THE HAND!

Most of my handmade ABTH can be washed in a washing machine using the delicate cycle. Everything on this product is made with non-toxic and non-allergenic materials.

EACH ABTH is made individually and unique to themselves and each have their own item number and their own names.


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