Hello To My Angels on Call Family and Happy Health Day!

I like to begin by telling you how sorry I am that I haven’t been there for you these past few weeks.

As many of you may already be aware… It all began with  a low grade sinus cold and headache, then turned into full-blow Influenza type (b) which also include strep throat. As of this writing I still have the flu and strep but thank God the fever has decreased from 102.5 to 100.

Yes, we all know the flu is flying everywhere today and should be taken very seriously. I’m one of the lucky ones who ‘will’ get better with each and every day…let’s all pray for those who are having a tougher time and let’s now forget those who have lost family members, friends and especially children due to this pandemic.

Please allow me to  put heath-care concerns on the back burner for a minute, for this post is being written to legally, formally and personally advise and guarantee all of whom ordered either Gift Certificate reading orders that they are are not being ignored, nor is anything else you’ve requested of me prior to that when my website was mistakenly down. (Some may few these signs as a negative, but I don’t…I see these hindrances as signs of huge things to come that a negative force or entity tried – unsuccessfully – to silence me.

If I weren’t super contagious, you’d would have been already in touch by my assistant/that is if I had a voice of any kind to speak with,  or the strength to type at the time….

Gee’s I was lucky enough for my Dr. to sit in same room as me for designated week’s end examine, mask and all…lol

(Only being slightly sarcastic- the true story is that when I walkedinto his office he was over 18 feet away – and, as I stated I had mask on – but what he wasn’t aware of was that I could read him if he was standing in the next room. This is the info I received from Dr. Mc Lovely..”Gee’s I’ve got little kids at home and this flu is knocking kids down by the dozen.”

Without letting on about the ‘Me’ he wasn’t going to examine, I understood and told him without bringing up who I am or what I do – I stated that I felt more comfortable leaving on protective gear, and if it were okay with him I’d like to keep on (my medical mask).

Dr. Good-looks,  assured me he did receive his flu shot…I retorted, Ah, but did you receive the vaccine for strain ‘B’? Then with a smile the lovely young doc. relaxed and with a swift push from his left foot rolled himself to my end of the room).

Good News Report

I have a specialist appointment early next week and I should receive not only my long-awaited MS meds, (which will add to my immune system giving me extra strength to do readings and will make sure that the virus hasn’t disturbed my abilities…and intuitively I know the new meds will only enhance them!

But yet again…

Let me take this time to let those who have already purchased phone readings from me that they will all be completed…plus more…just a little change in the time frame.

I love you all and thank you for all your well wishes and prayers…which I know are working because last night prior to my additional check up, I was told not to be surprise if I went directly from the Dr.’s office to hospital because of my almost non-existent immune system(which is partly my fault for stopping my MS (Multiply Sclerosis) injection over 7 months ago…because I didn’t feel they were doing anything for me anymore.

The great news is that I have new and better health insurance now and with the ‘GRACE OF GOD’ my new and improved insurance will pay for the MS daily PILL!!! NO MORE SHOTS AFTER 18 YEARS…I know I sound like an ungrateful baby. And, the shame about this medicine and others like if for their maladies – is that if you’re in a certain financial bracket…not rich…God forbid poor and are over a certain age, the cost of this medication is $8,000 per month!!!! That doesn’t include, MRI’s, other medications, doctors visits…and we all know how bad or how high most of our deductibles are…

Humorous Sidebar: (This was one of those times in my life I wished I  were married to a lovely man who had great insurance benefits! And, I’m sure many men feel the same. But, in my case I’m still holding out for head-over-heels, butterflies in my stomach love…Ah, the price we pay for being a romantic/but then again I can live with myself with the knowledge that I didn’t use a man for how he could benefit me. My day, as many of our days…will come!)

Now, back to our topic…

“America, we’ve got to do better!”

And, not just for me…for all of us!

My God, there are cancer patients that can’t receive the care that could possible cure them, and so people;  many of them children of which who may have deadly or chronic diseases just praying and holding out for a better day and a better medical system…

Well American…tomorrow is too late for many. Yes, you can call me a Chihuahua on this issue…We Want it NOW!!! (And, by the way…I love America! – Not just one-side glutenous ones.

Here is my OATH to YOU1

I, MaryRose Occhino,  pledge to all who would hear me, that I will dedicate the rest of my life to intuitively finding the holder of our medical prisons and work my best to light a fire in the eyes of as many of my friends and new acquaintances to help me fight this injustice.

“I may have one match…but I can start an explosion.”

Copyright…Fight Song by Rachel Platten.

As always…Mary Rose Occhino


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