Yes, it was an ax murderer

Angels on Call listener Annmarie did some research about a house Mary was asked about on Dec. 15, 2010.

From Annmarie:

I was listening to the woman who called about the haunted house that she lived in this morning. As I’m sitting in a ridiculously long traffic jam I decided to google “wierton west virginia history.”

Maybe you already found this….but in case you haven’t looked it up yet…

Not only did you say murder, you actually said “Ax murder.”

Mary, you are good!

Here’s an item from Lois Alete Fundis, reference librarian at the Mary H. Weir Public Library in Weirton, W.Va.:


May 9: Brutal double ax-murder in Holliday’s Cove near Cove School, near where railroad (and crossing at Cove Road) is being built. Convicted of killing widow Drusilla McWha and her daughter Eliza Baker is Eliza’s husband, teacher Van Buren Baker, who dies seven years later in prison still insisting he didn’t do it.

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