Mary O’s definition of Auras and Chakras

>Mary Occhino’s – Angels On Call – Definitions of Aura’s and Chakras

What are Auras?

Auras are colors that emanate from an individual’s physical energy, body and soul.  Of course, auras can also be defined as an intuitive feeling and an invisible essence flowing from each person. Auras can also be distinguished by a scent or odor. For example, you may see someone on the street and not actually ‘see’ their aura, but as they pass you by you may inhale a slight scent of lavender, or you may even breathe in the scent of a banana! That’s right, I said a banana – a piece of fruit which color is…Yellow! Therefore, you may feel that certain person has a ‘yellow’ aura.

The auras that you’ll be receiving daily with your Angel Scopes will be described to you as whatever color, or colors I sense – that is with the help of our angels. Many of you who have additional intuitive skills – that instinctual gift which enables you to ‘see’ or ‘feel’ an ambiance, mood, feeling, flavor generated from a significant person or place, may enjoy testing your natural abilities and ask yourself what you believe your aura will be for the day before you read your daily Angel Scope.

Each aura color will signify what I intuitively sense what may be the most prominent energized-color coming from each individual zodiac sign.

And yes, not everyone who share the same zodiac sign may not feel they also share the same aura-color each day. But, that’s where you get to use your intuition and use your Angel Scope/Auras to help you sense what others may be sensing about you, or what you may be feeling about them. Understanding the dynamism-hue your auras are ejecting, can provide you with insights into the spiritual, emotional and physical aspect of each individual – and remember that each color/colors, has their very own significant meaning.


Aura color significance:


Whiteusually signifies a very high spiritual energy-force, purity, truth and a Divine energy from within.

Indigo, violet, and purple – are also spiritual colors that are associated with your third eye and a person who is interested in a higher spiritual growth. Usually the deeper and darker the image/color may indicate a need for empathy or sympathy.

Black – is not always a negative aura, but most times is a warning sign that a person should seek a cleansing and may need protection from himself or from others.

Yellow – a color that indicates high-intelligence.  It is also a color associated with concentration and shared action.

Green – associated with good health, nature and comfort. It’s also known as the color of renewal…like new grass growing in the spring. Many doctors, healthcare professionals and healers have been known to have this color linked to them.

Orange – is a wonderful aura color and when noticed surrounding any person, can most times be defined as them having a sense of excitement, vitality, vigor, healthy, fun-loving, friendly and knack at being super-spontaneous. This color is also associated with the second chakra – emotional area and sexual organs.


Red – is commonly connected with one’s physical body…I see it sometimes when a person may have questions or problems with their blood- count or blood-pressure.  The color red can be both positive and negative and is thought to have the lowest energy frequency of all aura colors. But…I see ‘red’ many times when a person may be coming into a financial windfall.  And, can also a head’s up from nature as a warning sign. But, as I see it a red aura most often indicates success, passion, high prospect, courage, and physical attraction.


What are Chakras? –

For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘chakras’ allow me to explain them in the simplest way possible. First things first, there are seven chakras within our bodies. Chakras connect our spiritual bodies to our physical one. The seven chakras are thought to be responsible for the distribution of “Chi,” the energy throughout our bodies. And, a blocked chakra can often lead to an illness, or a physical or mental discomfort.

Chakras are thought to be the ‘centers’ of our bodies – the “vortex” -where all the energy from our body flows – from head to toe. Therefore, it is vital that we understand and learn the need to keep our chakras clear and unblocked.

A blocked chakra is choked energy. And, for our bodies and minds to work in the most efficient and healthy ways, we should educate ourselves about each chakra and where they’re located.

How can your chakra become blocked?

Much too easily I’m sorry to say, but if we don’t take heed and listen to our bodies these blockages can create havoc especially by unnecessary anxiety and an overload of emotional or physical stress. Especially, if you’ve already been diagnosed with autoimmune problem or disease – the need to understanding which chakra, which part of your body – needs additional peace, positive visualization, and meditation – these three spiritual exercises are extremely vital to your mental and physical health and well-being.  It’s also imperative that we keep a clear energy-flow throughout our chakras.

So, let’s begin to work on clearing your chakras…Ready? Great, now please, take a deep relaxing breath and  don’t allow your thoughts to become frantic about which of your chakras may be blocked. Be aware that your being stressed can cause a clear and healthy chakra to become obstructed.

Clearing your chakra

Dark shadows from your bodies energy field, invisible obstructions in your chakras can be evaporated much easier than you can possibly imagine. The simplest and quickest cleansing visualization I can reflect on for this process, is for you to think of each chakra as a battery helping our body function – a battery that’s invisible, and a chakra-battery that needs recharging from time to time.

First step – Visualize yourself owning rechargeable batteries so when you read your daily chakra, just close your eyes and think of yourself plugging in your low-energy battery -chakra – into a battery recharger!

Mentally zone in on it and begin recharging! You can also think of a low energy chakra somewhat like your cell phone. Take a second and think about it. Most every cell phone owner’s biggest worry is that they’ll run down their phones battery! OMG…Do you know anyone who leaves their home or goes anywhere without their cell phone charger? I don’t, and just the thought of it sends shivers down my back…Yet, we forget to think about our bodies with the same respect and concern that we have for our battery operated cell phones! Our phones are used to communicate with others or to use to play games or find information that we may need and want every day.

Shouldn’t our physical bodies come first? Again, our chakras are the part of our bodies that need to be energized daily – and we don’t need an electric socket or cell phone wire to do so. All you need is your mind and a little time to meditate to help it build up it’s charge.

Another short visualization taken from something most of us do every day.


When we plug in our cell phones to charge up our phones, we can usually see just how low the phones battery is. Then, once we plug it in to be recharged we can actually see – from the face of the phone –that it’s being recharged in front of our eyes!

Use that simple visual and use to clear and recharge your chakras. Also keep in mind that many times your daily chakra noted may not always mean this chakra is not doing well, but that it’s the one chakra that is working the hardest and the healthiest!


Each one of the seven chakras represents a part of our body, or gland and emanates a specific color. You will receive this information- their color and the number of the chakra after every Angel Scope.


Names of chakras and where they’re located in your body.

  • Actually like vortexes of energy lying across seven different points on our spinal column.


  • Each Chakra is associated with specific chakra colors.


  • Number ONE – The Root Charka – Color Associated: –Red.

Defines and impacts our survival instincts, logic, physical strength, sexuality, and the sense of smell. Located at the end of the spine.


  • Number TWO – The Sacral Chakra – Color Associated: Orange


Defines and impacts sexuality, reproductive system, creativity, empathy. Located near large intestine, pelvis and bladder.


  • Number THREE – The Solar plexus Chakra – Color Associated: Yellow

Defines and impacts, personal power, a sense of responsibility, confidence, sense of sight and self-respect. Located near Adrenal glands.


  • Number FOUR – The Heart Chakra – Color Associated: Green


Defines and impacts relationships, sense of touch. A low chakra can be somewhat responsible for your feeling distrust, angry and envious. Located near the Thymus and lymph glands.


  • Number FIVE – The Throat Chakra – Color Associated:



Defines and impacts communication, hearing and listening, creativity.  This chakra is thought to connect not only to the throat, but ears, thyroid, jaws, teeth, neck and spine. Located near the throat and all the glands surrounding it.


  • Number SIX – Third Eye Chakra – Color Associated: Indigo


Defines and impacts telepathic abilities, magnetic personality, fearlessness, and deep thought.  This chakra is thought to be connected with the Pineal or pituitary gland. Located on the forehead or The Brow.



  • Number Seven – The Crown Chakra – Color Associated: many shades of violet and purple.


Defines and impacts the nervous system, brain, head, vertigo, and is thought to contain the ability to achieve what some believe the unattainable. This chakra is thought to be connected with primarily the brain. Located on the head.




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