New Ways to Experience Mary in 2011

VIDEO READINGS via SKYPE Can’t travel to see Mary? You can see her while getting your reading by using SKYPE video chat. You’ll get to speak to Mary for 45 minutes. Appointments will be Sundays at 1pm EST to start. Visit for more information and to request a reading.  EDUCATIONAL SALONS Dates to be scheduled – All […]

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You Look Good in Pink

When I called into your radio show, amongst other things, you mentioned the name Maggie or Margaret, the month of May and that my mom said I looked good in pink. At the time I didn’t make the connection. Later on that day, I realized that my mom always called my daughter Megan, Meggie, and […]

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A Very Good Offer

I called you in June to ask, I’m selling my house, when will I be moving? You said “July 25th.” Sure enough a family saw my house on July 25th and placed an offer. We are moving this weekend. There were some hiccups along the way but I had faith in your date. I love […]

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Spot On!

I just wanted to say that you told me during 20 rapid fire that we would breathe a huge sigh of relief finacially around August 25. Mary! You were spot on to THE DAY! I knew you would be right and felt relief leading up to the date but best of all my husband is […]

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A New Job

I got layed off from my job December of 2008. I called Mary and asked when I would get a new job. She told me by February 13th. Well I started a new job on Feb 2nd and I got my first paycheck on Feb 13th! Thanks Mary! Valerie, California

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Rockin’ Again in Colorado

Thank you very much! I called your show a couple of weeks back because I moved and I could not find my purple I-Pod…(you had about 4 calls that day on the same item-LOL)_ _ You told me that you saw it in a dog’s mouth outside… Well….here’s a good laugh for you! I found […]

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Cancer Free in Oregon

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. That same year I had a private reading with Mary and received her validation that there were “pink ribbons everywhere” and I would survive. Today I’m cancer free, her assurance guided my positive mind and I survived the treatment. Cheryl, Oregon

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Mary to conduct seance on air Thursday night

Mary will be conducting a live séance on Oct. 28 in a special show from 6 to 8 p.m. at Sirius-XM studios in Manhattan with several members of her family and some special guests.

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Vote for Mary’s pumpkin in Martha Stewart decorating contest

Martha Stewart Living Radio has invited many Sirius-XM Radio hosts to participate in the First Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Make sure to vote for Mary’s Freaky Angelique pumpkin, and tell others to do it, too!

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An Evening with Mary O.: Jan. 14 at State Theatre

Tickets are now available for this event, in which Mary will explain her psychic-intuitive process and teach you how to awaken your instincts, read the signs around you and surrender your anxieties to take control of your destiny, among other lessons.

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