Manifest destiny bracelets


Your present and future wishes of events will be accepted by the universe as inevitable.


Mediated on by Mary Occhino, each bead is sprinkled with dried lavender and sage for 24 hours before they are strung to infuse them with positive energy. No one bracelet is the same.

What makes my manifest destiny bracelets different than my other bracelets? Well, it’s more than one thing. One day a few months ago, I sent a sent soulful whisper and a conscious awareness that my angels and the Divine and the all the spirits I’ve connected to throughout my lifetime that …

“Mary, create that a bracelet that will incorporate all other intentions. But this bracelet will bring the most valuable awareness and energy and make you realize that you that you don’t have to hope or wish in life can of will happen … but that they WILL HAPPEN.”

While wearing these bracelets, make sure that your intentions are on the same page as your inspiration.

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