I know most people reading this assume they know just what a Psychic is, or at least know the dictionary definition of “psychic” is someone who has “Extra Sensory Perception (ESP),” which is a person who can foretell future events or someone who can see the past by receiving visions in their dreams or while awake.

Well, my own definition of a Psychic isn’t far from the book version, but what I can add is that a psychic is a person who not only can foresee the future but can read the energy of a person or an event the will happen or that has happened. In other words, a Psychic is a Clairvoyant; they are one and the same.

I’m a Psychic-Medium, which is someone who cannot only foresee future events like a psychic, but I can also connect with the non-physical domain. I mentally read the energy in the atmosphere as well as connect with the consciousness universe. Being a Medium means that I communicate with the life force, the mind of a person or spirit that continues thinking and seeing after physical death. In other words, I can see and feel the presence and receive information from those who have crossed over. To put it bluntly, I can talk to the dead.

As a person who can connect and read the energy or a person alive or who has crossed over, I’ve been also given the ability to see what’s going on with their physical body. And in doing so over the years, I’ve been given the title also ofMedical Intuitive. A Medical Intuitive is someone who can read mentally what’s going on with someone’s health, be it good or bad. When I am asked to give a person my medical interpretation of what’s going on with either them or their loved one, I meditate and then get into the ‘psychic zone,’ as I do when I give any kind of reading, and tune everyone and everything out of my mind other than whom I’m reading. What I see is what I like to call a virtual MRI, which shows me the injured or damaged part of a body. It also shows me when someone is healthy.*

You may also hear me mention that I hear voices when I’m giving a reading, or when my guides just want to give me information that someone may need to hear. But I prefer to call voices that I hear as “celestial whispers.” Sometimes the whispers come as a thought, and sometimes I hear them outside my head like someone whispering in my ear. And there’s something very unique about the voices—I don’t have to be in a meditative state: they come whenever they want, anytime they want, day or night.

 Life Director is another title I go by. What’s a Life Director? Well, it’s similar to what commonly known as a Life Coach, but with an added twist. I didn’t take college courses or get a PhD in psychology to direct a person to the best course or direction in their life. What I do is tap into the energy around them and just look around to see a sign, a vision or hear a story in my mind as to what’s the best direction for a person to take in life, be it in career, health, love or just about anything that their subconscious mind may be thinking of.

And lastly, what’s reading and how do I give them?

A reading is when a person calls and requests me to connect with any topic or person connected to them, which I do, as I stated above, by concentrating and zoning in the way a baseball pitcher zones in on the catcher’s mitt. What I’m trying to zone into is my mental ‘strike zone.’ Once I’m there, I don’t edit anything my guides and/or angels give me. I can give readings over the phone, in-person, one-on-one, at seminars with hundreds of people in a room, or by just sitting by myself and meditating on any energy around me, without knowing whom the information is for.

Readings are what I do and what has helped me take my life to where I want to go. I believe a real and true reading can change anyone’s life. One only has to be open to it.

*Mary is NOT a DOCTOR and cannot diagnose you. She will offer suggestions on what is going on, but you MUST see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

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