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Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21 to bring an Awakening

Total Solar Eclipse – August 21st, 2017                           ‘An Awakening’    Subject: Total Solar Eclipse – Due Date: August, 21st, 2017 My personal memo to our galactic envoy, “Nice to see ya’ … But, I’ll be glad when you’re gone!” If you’re wondering why […]

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Mary O’s definition of Auras and Chakras

>Mary Occhino’s – Angels On Call – Definitions of Aura’s and Chakras What are Auras? Auras are colors that emanate from an individual’s physical energy, body and soul.  Of course, auras can also be defined as an intuitive feeling and an invisible essence flowing from each person. Auras can also be distinguished by a scent […]

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 I know most people reading this assume they know just what a Psychic is, or at least know the dictionary definition of “psychic” is someone who has “Extra Sensory Perception (ESP),” which is a person who can foretell future events or someone who can see the past by receiving visions in their dreams or while […]

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Yes, it was an ax murderer

Not only did you say murder, you actually said “Ax murder.”

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So long, never Goodbye! Signing off from Sirius-XM

The news I’m about to disclose to you comes with salty tears as well as wondrous dreams for my future, as well as for yours. You see, my dear friends and radio family, I have made the very hard decision to not renew my contract with Sirius/XM for the upcoming year. I do so with […]

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New Ways to Experience Mary in 2011

VIDEO READINGS via SKYPE Can’t travel to see Mary? You can see her while getting your reading by using SKYPE video chat. You’ll get to speak to Mary for 45 minutes. Appointments will be Sundays at 1pm EST to start. Visit for more information and to request a reading.  EDUCATIONAL SALONS Dates to be scheduled – All […]

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Mary to conduct seance on air Thursday night

Mary will be conducting a live séance on Oct. 28 in a special show from 6 to 8 p.m. at Sirius-XM studios in Manhattan with several members of her family and some special guests.

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Health column: Not letting multiple scleroris define me

I was diagnosed with MS in 1992 and was housebound for close to 8 years and was totally disabled. So much so that I was deemed unable to work by the Social Security Administration and was told I would be disabled for the rest of my life. Boy, did I prove everyone wrong and in a big way!

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At ShiningStar Bakery, Yvonne brings service with a smile

Yvonne, who has owned the bakery for six years, has the brightest smile and best goodies in Center Moriches.

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Special packages to celebrate ‘Mary Knows Best’ premiere

From July 15 to July 22, to celebrate the season premiere of “Mary Knows Best” on Syfy, we are offering two special product collections.

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