Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21 to bring an Awakening

Total Solar Eclipse – August 21st, 2017

                          ‘An Awakening’   

Subject: Total Solar Eclipse – Due Date: August, 21st, 2017

My personal memo to our galactic envoy, “Nice to see ya’ …

But, I’ll be glad when you’re gone!”

If you’re wondering why I sound happy to see this historical, by all counts, Solar Eclipse come and be gone with, I’ll tell you why.

I’ve been feeling what I can only describe as a “soulful-conscious and subconscious-darkening,” throughout our planet, not just within the United States, but the entire globe, for almost five years now, (but who’s counting), beginning, approximately from March of 2012.

This sense of a “cast shadow”  has not been due to any demonic-like force or entity that one may believe a psychic medium would discern, but more of an obstruction of light and kindness that seemed to be disappearing before my very, thought-to-be, perceptive eyes. My instincts told me to take my time and a few deep breaths, and observe the world much closer than usual.

 “Pay attention and search for the light,” is what ‘the’ intuitive explorer of consciousness, a sensory-surveyor that lives inside us all, called out for me to do. And, so I continue to pay attention in search of the gleaming sunshine that will one day soon be cleared of the aura-like, grey-cloud that has tried, and has unfortunately sometimes succeeded, to cover the bright positive rays of inspirational light that has the ability to beam with ease from every living thing. 

I could define what I’ve been sensing, is that the Universe, in all it’s divinity, has been somehow plagued with a vitamin D deficiency of humanity.  

And, I don’t believe I am alone in my intuitive views. I trust that many others have also been detecting, the ‘positive- absences’ that I have, and the HUGE empathetic forewarning that has been  drizzling down on us like intuitive raindrops by the  ‘Total Solar Eclipse’ –  Which as of this writing is due in: 14 days, 21 hours, 53 minutes and 30-ish seconds, on August, 21st, 2017.

This solar eclipse will be nothing like the last Full Solar Eclipse in the United States we had on Feb. 26th, 1979. Why? Because ‘this’ eclipse, has been manifesting it’s power, it’s direction and it’s suggestions to us, through the cosmos, not just toward our nation, but channeling it’s energy to the entire planet Earth for at least a half-decade, prior to it’s arrival.

Many people are very excited to bear witness to this once in a lifetime event, The Total Full Solar Eclipse. And many others are making plans as to where they will be when it transpires, and with whom they will share this very exceptional moment of time with; of course with protective eye-wear and telescopes at the ready.

I’ve also sensed that many of the same curious individuals who are awaiting this miracle from the heavens, may in part, be blaming this wondrous event for some of the freakish weather changes that our planet has been experiencing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I too am thrilled to be here, in the physical sense, to witness ‘it’s’ glory, but for different reasons then most…please, permit me to elaborate.

Allow me to share a recent ‘telepathic-dialogue’ I honed in on while waiting on a grocery checkout-line. Without trying to peep into anyone’s thoughts, I began to hear intuitive whispers coming from the person standing directly ahead of me on line. I had noticed this shopper starring, as most of us do, at a magazine in a rack whose headline read, “The Solar Eclipse.”

I am paraphrasing, but the gist of what I clairvoyantly grasped went something like this…

“Ah, I thought so. This “solar eclipse” is getting so many write-ups because the scientists must know “IT” may be a major cause of the bad weather and tide changes we’ve been experiencing here lately!”

As I received these feelings, I must admit that I too agreed with some of their opinions.  And, I too am waiting and watching for the forthcoming Solar Eclipse to show it’s darkening force behind the shadowed sun, but for different reasons than many.

I am eager to read many of the magnificent signs and messages that I can possibly soak in from the eclipse’s sheer-force of universal-nature that will come bearing down on us with an intelligent life- source and vigor!  In other words, with a BAM!

And, boy do I have a few urgent questions to ask this “Solar-Bam!”

Inquiries that have been scouring my soul, and my consciousness too long. But, I assure you, they are not just questions about the weather. My main questions are:

“What climate-changes can we expect concerning mankind, the day after the eclipse and in the years that follow?”

 (Sidebar: The Solar Eclipse arrives the day before “National Angel’s Day.” Coincidence? I don’t think so.)

Our upcoming Total Solar Eclipse will be like none other before. This eclipse, will be “otherworldly” in nature. This “cast of a shadow” has been preparing to come to us for a purpose other than due to a scientific forecast. But will be coming bearing phenomenal messages, signs and directions! And folks, we all should be ready listen up!

                                          Solar Eclipse’s

                                       ‘Spiritual Facets’

Questions and Answers You Should Prepare For                        

A – How can we get ready to listen, not just with our ears, but with our consciousness?

B- How can we allow ourselves to be thoroughly infused with the knowledge that surpasses any evidence, or directions that we’ll ever be privy to so openly again in this lifetime?

C-How can we disregard any ‘ego’ we may have, and listen to the truth about the power of our thoughts – answers that come from the ‘Manifest-Destiny-Solar Eclipse? 

(A destined event that has collected approximately 375 years’ worth of answers and alternative outcomes for our lives.}


1 – At least 3 days before the hour and day of the arrival of the Solar Eclipse, every person, man, woman and child, children who are old enough to understand how to open their minds – should meditate and steer clear of any and all negative people, thoughts, words or actions.

2 – Clear your own mind of any negative clutter and judgements that you may have for someone and throw them away! Think of them – your worries, fears, pains and any past negative memories as if they were no more valuable to you than bag of stinky garbage.

It’s easy to do if you try. Just close your eyes and visualize yourself opening an extra-sturdy green plastic garbage bag and chuck in all of your “what if’s” from your thought process. Throw in any negative assumptions you may have be they conscious or subconscious, from the past to the present day.

Next, visualize a large garbage truck stopping in front of your home. You can literally hear it’s enormous engine humming, and can feel the engines vibrations on the bottom of your feet as it’s gear lingers in neutral just waiting for your disposal.

Now, view yourself walking out your front door with your garbage bag negativity in hand, now see yourself catapulting it – yourself – into the back of the garbage truck. Stay in the moment, and visualize the garbage person hitting the button that crushes forever everything inside it.

Feeling a little better already? I know I am!

3 – Make a list of all your wishes and aspiration. And, don’t worry about how long your list is, or how outrageous it may seem to others. You are taking back your power and you don’t need anyone else’s okay to do so. 

4- Imagine an invisible umbilical-cord or LOVE connected you to the Solar Eclipse and allow yourself to be nourished by it’s positive-energy-source. Then, visualize you’re attached to every human being on the planet and you’re sharing your new-infused source or joy, peace and love with all – leaving all prejudices behind. 

The scientific answer as why we have solar eclipses is because the moon occasionally covers the sun in its path across the sky.

Ah, but most everyone has already understood is that this eclipse is different.

This Solar Eclipse is supernatural than unique and as scientists state, must have three conditions that rarely occur in the universe’s galaxy happening all at the same time.

  1. There has to be a full moon.
  2. The moon has to cross the plane of the Earth’s orbit.
  3. The moon’s distance to the Earth must be exact.

As reported in the Washington Post, “It’s already altering the real-world behavior.” (Glad someone else has noticed!)

This Solar Total Eclipse should be taken as a sign to us from the Universe as a whole. This kind of Solar Eclipse has only come into this specific region of the world approximately only once in approximately the last 375 years! So, listen up people!

I’m sensing that the vast cosmos has already been giving us many urgent warnings that we can be avoided – the possibility a Civil or World War!

But, don’t become overly alarmed with regard to this warning.

Of course, we should take heed and send true love and light to every corner of the planet and to all whom reside within it.

Again, you must remember that we have been receiving massive signs before this Solar Eclipse and just because we may sense a negativity prediction or sign, it doesn’t mean that it’s our only answer or outcome! Always remember that have ‘All’ have freewill to fight the wrongs of this world, in peace, LIGHT, LOVE & KINDNESS.

The Universe has been speaking to us all with fury behind it’s strength and is asking us a very serious question on the date of the Solar Eclipse and has been validating the state of humane affairs we are in recently and is asking us straight out…

 “For once in your physical lifetime – are you ready, willing and spiritually able, to take charge of your life?

If your answer is yes, then get ready to roll up your sleeves and begin to exercise your consciousness by inhaling and envisioning a positive light force that will allow the sunshine and the virtual vitamin D infusion which we need and that we’ve been praying for, to flow throughout every cell of your body, mind and soul!

        How is the Solar Eclipse effecting your zodiac sign?

 I believe the most significant zodiac signs that will effected by this almost supernatural event are the four fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

 (In astrology, the fixed signs are the second, fifth, the eighth and eleventh signs.)

These four Fixed Signs – one of which is my own zodiac sign, Scorpio, may have been experiencing from 2012, feelings that they have been giving up their personal power to others. Or, that others have been trying, sometimes heartlessly, to take their gifts and energy from their inner core; which can include business, money, home and vast opportunities. But, have no fear my brother/sister, fixed signs – these are only some negative aspects you may have experienced prior to the upcoming solar eclipse.

I have sensed that after this Solar Eclipse is done with us, there are good times ahead!

To achieve a positive outcome and rid yourself of any lingering ‘cast shadows’ those who are fixed signs should take the necessary steps to take back your power in the most positive ways. And know that those who may have been blocking your goals prior to the eclipse of 2017, will no longer be in your way.  Also, be conscious that this Total Solar Eclipse can be as wondrous as the birth of a new baby…although some may have felt they’ve been in labor for the past five years or more!

The Universe is helping you move forward, as long as you are willing to work for what you desire and bring light not darkness into your life every day – many of your long awaited desires will be opened to you once more easily than before – in all aspects of your life.

The Four Cardinal Signs are:  Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra.

  (In astrology, they are the first, fourth, seventh and tenth signs.)

Those born under the Cardinal Signs: Individuals born under any of these signs have had a very significant role, not only in their own Personal Universe, but extremely imperative roles in helping bring to joys to others. 

Some negatives blocks many may have found – or the feared and some may have actually come to be, was the fear of not having a job, or not being joyful with their careers. Those who did not go through these fears, have kept themselves surrounded by their own instincts of doing for others as well as themselves.

The good news offered to you after this solar eclipse is that your blocks too will my disappearing from your thought process much quicker than you ever dreamt.

And, for those under the Cardinal Signs who have lost a loved one during this period, know that this Solar Eclipse will open an even bigger communication-door for you to connect and recognize and communicate with your loved in the non-physical domain.

The Four Mutual Signs are: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius.

(In astrology, they are the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth signs.)

Those born under the Mutual Signs: May have felt they’ve been duped, or someone has tried to pull a fast one on them – especially when it came to family, finances, and morality.

Some may have experienced more emotional roller coasters than other zodiac signs in the past five or six years. Many may have had losses and grief because of the physical loss of a loves one. And others may have found themselves coming face-to-face making final decisions. Resolutions to breakup partnerships that have not been working for them and keeping them up at night worrying about fears that actually weren’t there’s to begin with. 

After the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 – Those under and one of the Mutual Signs should finally be able to follow their bliss for life without feeling guilty for be joyful!

New people, new loves, new homes and new businesses are waiting for you for the wanting and taking as a gift from the Divine Cosmos coming directly into your arms. So, keep your arms outstretched and ready for a big hug from life and all that you desire!

Be prepared, be excited and just BE!

                                                      # # #













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